The Glee Club Experience

The Glee Club Experience is what makes the time in the Glee Club so special. Members and alumni share their Glee Club Experience.


Throwback Thursday! As we start rehearsing in Richardson for our upcoming Verdi Requiem concert, here is an old photo from the Mudd Mansucript Library of a rehearsal in the Richardson Auditorium. William Trego is at it again, directing the Glee Club. Can anyone identify himself? There’s a portative organ and a harp on stage - can anyone guess the repertoire?


Throwback: Verdi's Requiem, conducted by Trego

In light of our upcoming Verdi Requiem Concert on April 24 and 25 with the Trego Singers, it only seems right to bring up this article from 21 years ago with the name of the director of Glee Club then, William Trego, in its title. What fun memories do Glee alums have of Trego himself?

Throwback: Glee Club in 18??

To kick off the season of weekly archival postings, here is an image of the Princeton Glee Club in its early years! However, we are unsure about the exact date. Members used to pair their voices with banjo and classical guitar.
Does anyone know what the man in the front is holding? When this is from? 

All of the archive postings are found in the Mudd Manuscript Library.

The Glee Club Presents: Theatre of Voices

We are tremendously enjoying the visit of renowned vocal ensemble Theatre of Voices to Princeton's campus as they workshop and rehearsal for their performance at Carnegie Hall. On Thursday evening they gave an open rehearsal in Fine Hall and on Friday they will be giving a masterclass with the Glee Club and a workshop performance of their Carnegie Hall program: Stockhausen's Stimmung. What a wonderful experience this has been for us!

If you have pictures or reaction from any of their visit to share, please share them with us below. Hashtag photos in Instagram with #pugc or email them to You can also share your reactions by commenting below!

A reflection from President Lillian Xu '15

This past year in Glee Club has been an incredible ride— from our packed concerts to our successful launch of the Glee Club Fund, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Gabriel and the officer corps during this period.  On the heels of our amazing tour in Europe last year, 2014 has been rewarding in different ways. We kicked off the year with our second Glee Club Presents concert, featuring Oxford’s Schola Cantorum—by the time the concert began, there were people standing in the back of the church because all the seats had been taken. Though our football team may not won this year, the Glee Club certainly triumphed in our annual Football Concerts with Harvard and Yale, which were both filled with fun and friendly rivalry as always.  However, perhaps the most memorable moment of this past year was our December performance of Marsalis’ brilliant Abyssinian Mass, which marked a historical moment of onstage choreography (gasp!) This collaboration with the Jazz Ensemble was met with an audience larger than any in recent Winter Concert history.  When we found out that we had to open the balcony for the first time since Gabriel has been here, we were all ecstatic.

Smaller moments have been special too. Our incoming class of 33 has not only contributed their fantastic voices but also their enthusiasm and spirit to the Glee Club community. Our mentorship program, holiday gift exchanges, and weekly tea times have allowed all 81 of us to form a giant Glee family which makes singing together more meaningful. On behalf of all the singers in Glee Club, I want to thank you all for making our Glee Club Presents concert series possible and for supporting us in any capacity you can. In my final months of presidency, it has meant so much to me to see the hard work of our choir rewarded with full audiences and the immense generosity from our alumni, parents and friends. We still have many exciting plans ahead and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

2014 Holiday Concert

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Princeton and Wynton Marsalis

We are looking all very much looking forward to our upcoming collaboration with the Princeton University combined Jazz Ensembles on Sunday December 7th. We’re excited to be bringing you highlights from one of Wynton Marsalis’ masterpieces ‘Abyssinian Mass’. This is extra special for us given the long ties that Princeton shares with the renowned Trumpeter. Marsalis has graced Princeton auditoriums frequently, performing many times in McCarter Theatre and Richardson Auditorium. In January 1992, Richardson was chosen as the site for Marsalis’ recording “On The Twentieth Century” with pianist Judith Stillman; whilst in 1996 Richardson welcomed Marsalis once more to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, as he spoke of the role of music in achieving unity among cultures.

But ties are even deeper: in June 1994 we had the privilege of welcoming Wynton Marsalis as our commencement speaker, which was followed a year later by the awarding of a honorary Doctor of Fine Arts at the 1995 commencement for his achievements and his music that ‘speak directly to the heart, mind and soul’.

We hope to see you all on December 7th 2014 as we bring Marsalis’ lively music once more back to campus, on a date that itself bears significance, in that December 7th 1994 had seen the trumpeter present a lecture on jazz and American culture, once again in one of our very own campus auditoriums.

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Daily Princetonian, 17th January 1996

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Football Concert: Harvard vs Princeton

Thank you for coming to our concert with the Harvard Glee Club.

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The Glee Club Presents - Schola Cantorum

Thank you for coming to our inaugural concert of the 2014/15 Glee Club Presents Series. 

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Reunions 2014

Thank you to all Glee Club members, past and present, who participated in the annual singing of Spem in Alium. What an experience to be back singing in Richardson with so many generations!

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Walter L. Nollner Memorial Concert

Let us know what you thought of the Walter L. Nollner Memorial Concert! For those of you who watched the live stream, what did you think of it? We would love to hear your feedback!

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The Glee Club presents - Calmus

Thank you for coming to our inaugural concert of The Glee Club Presents. 

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Winter Tour Homecoming Concert

Thank you for coming to our Homecoming Concert. 

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From the Glee Club's 'Tour Homecoming Concert', Richardson Auditorium, February 2014

West Side Concert Series

Thank you for coming to our concert at West Side Presbyterian Church! 

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Glee Club Tour Day 7

We awoke on Saturday morning for our final full day of our tour in Leipzig, and were welcomed by a buffet of mixed meats, assorted jellies, and other morsels for our eager stomachs. We then set off with tour guides to explore the rich architecture and history of the 999-year old city.  As a crossroads between Europe’s two main trade routes, Leipzig grew as a center for trade and culture over the last millennium.  The music in Leipzig was manifest, second only to Vienna in terms of the presence of famous classical composers who had a relationship with the city.  It was amazing to walk within a few blocks and discover the school that young Wagner attended, the location of the apartment where Mendelssohn lived, a coffee shop where a variety of composers like Berlioz and Robert and Clara Schumann frequented, and Nikolaikirche (St. Nicholas Church), where Bach’s Magnificat was premiered.  The older baroque architecture was mixed with modern styles, as much of the historic city center had been destroyed by bombings in World War II and rebuilt.  However, the city’s spirit clearly survived through its variety of shops, museums, and musical experiences.

After the tour we returned to the Thomaskirche for a rehearsal with the Leipziger Barockorchester on an entirely Bach repertoire for the afternoon service.  We were all in awe of the professional sound of the orchestra – everything from the precision of the violin runs to the blended timbres of the horns.  After a short break, we changed into concert dress and took our places up in the balcony of the church in front of the massive organ.  The performance was truly an unreal experience.  We performed our first piece O Jesulein Süß a cappella, followed by a beautifully conducted rendition of O Jesu Christ Mein’s Lebens Licht under the direction of our assistant conductor, Kamna.  Our final piece was the famous Magnificat, and truly felt like the musical culmination of our trip.  What could be better than singing one of Bach’s most famous pieces at Bach’s own church and final resting place?  All of the soloists performed with vitality, and we could see just how overjoyed our conductor, Gabriel Crouch, was for the experience conducting the piece.  And, of course, all of the members of the choir were ecstatic as well!  It was a little strange not to receive any applause after our performance (it was a church service after all), but we all certainly felt proud of the result of weeks of hard work on this music.

Following the performance, we took some group photos and had a few hours to explore the city on our own.  Some of us took to the nearby bratwurst stand—others to the local shopping centers.  We later reconvened to celebrate with one final dinner of German cuisine and libations where we toasted all of the people who helped make this tour possible: Jürgen our coach driver, Kerry our accompanist, Katherine our tour manager, Johan our tour guide, Gabriel, our esteemed conductor, and, of course our alumni and supporters without whom this trip would not have been what it was. They made sure that every stop was truly unforgettable.

Spirits were high, and the upperclassmen shared goodbyes for what was their final glee club tour--an experience that they will surely carry with them, as so many PUGC alumni have in the past, for the rest of their lives.  The group then split off to continue celebrations at various nightclubs and bars across the city.  Even with the looming 4:30 AM wake-up call, many of us continued dancing and hanging out with fellow glee clubbers into the night, squeezing as much out of the wonderful city as possible.

Glee Club Tour Day 6

Finally in Leipzig!

After two wonderful days in Prague, we set off for the birthplace of Bach -- Leipzig, Germany! There was a special buzz of excitement when we arrived at Thomaskirche for a brief rehearsal. I know many members of the Glee Club will never forget singing O Jesulein suß just a few feet away from Bach's final resting place.

We had a bit of free time before our performance at Thomaskirche, during which time we explored the Stadtplatz, saw the Bach museum, and ate currywurst (and McDonald's for a few of the sausages-out glee clubbers). 

When we got back to the church, the Friday night service began and we performed alongside one of the finest vocal groups in Leipzig, Calmus, an incredible 5-person ensemble. Following the performance, we ate dinner as a group thanks to the incredible generosity of Princeton centurion Bill Scheide '36 and his family. 

We can't wait for our performance of Bach's Magnificat tomorrow back at the Thomaskirche and for our final day on what has been an incredible tour!