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On February 27 we performed Music for Royal Occasions.

The Glee Club Presents - Theatre of Voices

On February 19 and 20, Theatre of Voices gave a workshop performance and a masterclass.


On December 7, the combined forces of the Princeton University Glee Club and Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble performed together.

The Glee Club Presents - Schola Cantorium 

On September 18, the Glee Club welcomed Schola Cantorum of Oxford University as the 2014/15 season opener for the Glee Club Presents series. 

Glee Club Reunion 2014

On May 30, past and present Glee Club members met for the annual singing of Spem in Alium.

The Walter L. Nollner Memorial Concert 2014

On April 18 we performed for the audience in Richardson Auditorium and also live streamed the concert.

The Glee Club Presents - Calmus

On April 8, was the inaugural concert of The Glee Club Presents. We had the honor of welcoming the ensemble Calmus to Princeton.

Tour Homecoming Concert

The Glee Club presented the repertoire from their recent tour to Europe in Richardson Auditorium on February 28.

Holiday Concert

The traditional Holiday Concert was held on December 8 in Richardson Auditorium.

Centennial Concert

On November 15, the Glee Clubs of Yale University and Princeton University came together for their Centennial Concert.

Gee Club Reunion and the Bill Trego Reunion

On May 31, past and present Glee Club members met for the annual singing of Spem in Alium.

On May 30, Glee Club alumni met for the Bill Trego Reunion Rehearsal. 

Stuart B. Mindlin Memorial Concert

On April 26 and 27, the Glee Club had the honor to perform together with the Princeton University Orchestra.

Walter L. Nollner Memorial Concert

This is a selection of photos from the Walter L. Nollner Memorial Concert rom March 3, 2013. We would like to thank everyone who has sent us their pictures.