Why should I support the Glee Club, I already give to other charities?

We know that there are many causes that are extremely deserving of support. We hope that you will consider making  the Glee Club Fund a philanthropic priority. Donations to the Glee Club Annual Fund directly help advance our choral excellence and impact life at Princeton.

Why does the Glee Club need financial support?

The Glee Club has these main sources of income:

  • The University
  • Income from ticket sales
  • The Nollner Endowment
  • The Buck donation

By making the Glee Club one of your philanthropic priorities, you will enable the Glee Club to move forward with its new initiative, "The Glee Club Presents", which will help our members to become better artists and gain the Glee Club recognition as a world-class choral ensemble.

You say my donation will benefit the Glee Club immediately—what will it be used for?

This year, your donation will go toward funding the "Glee Club Presents" series which will allow the Glee Club to

  • perform with renowned international choral ensembles from all over the world
  • be exposed to new repertoire, performed to a world-class standard
  • gain insight into new musical cultures and styles
  • draw on these exceptional experiences to add luster to our own choral work

Can I restrict my donation to a purpose of my choosing?

Yes. You can indicate a specific purpose for your donation. Should you not indicate a specific purpose,  your donation will go towards the "Glee Club Presents" series.

I already volunteer my time, why should I also give?

There are many ways to give to the Glee Club, and by volunteering you donate your most valuable assets: your time and your expertise. Donating to the Glee Club Fund is another way for you to make a difference by supporting our strategic priorities.