Glee Club Fund 17/18

The Glee Club Fund 17/18

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The Glee Club Fund is an annual, year-long fundraising effort that runs from July 1 - June 30. Contributions can be made at any time during the year but the Glee Club only solicits donations between July 1 and December 31.

The Glee Club relies on fundraising in order to enhance its operating budget and sustain the Glee Club Presents concert series. This innovative series has and will continue to have an impact on current Glee Club members, Princeton students, alumni, faculty, staff and parents interested in the arts.

For this reason the Glee Club Presents series  will be the primary focus of the 17/18 Glee Club Fund.

Glee Club Presents

These events will give the Glee Club members the opportunity to

  • be exposed to new repertoire, performed to a world-class standard
  • gain insight into new musical cultures and styles
  • draw on these exceptional experiences to add luster to our own choral work

We hope you will consider renewing your support or joining all of our supporters from last year and contributing to the Glee Club Fund today.

For questions or comments, please contact us at

This season's events

Glee Club presents: A workshop with tenebrae

On March 14th at 7:30pm in the PU Chapel, conductor Nigel Short and Tenebrae Choir led a workshop with the PUGC that featured the final movement of Joby Talbot's Path of Miracles. Click here for more information! 

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Relive our concert with Roomful of Teeth

Visit our concert page here and click through our photo gallery below!

Our Donors

Sylvia H.S. Adelman, PhD '76
Carolyn N. Ainslie P17
Shiela Newton Akiyama '76
Heywood Alexander '51
Dr. John H. Armstrong, M.D. '84
Glenn B. Atkinson '79
Andrew Berman '88 & Deborah Berman P18
Keith Beveridge P16
Dr. Philip E. Blank, Jr. '50
Richard Blumenthal '57
Christina Stewart Bott '13
Ryan Brandau '03
Robert Clarke Brown '69 S*90 P19
Dr. Margaret L. Byron '10
Annie Cardinal '15
Angela Carmella '80 P18
Dr. Stebbins B. Chandor '55
Hun Choi '17
Jonathan J. Choi '15
Bruno Cole M.D. & Cha Fernando M.D. P18
Daniel & Kimberly Collins P21
David G. Colwell '51
Marcus G. Connelly, M.D. '77
David G. Coon '74
Kirk Coonley '68
Sarah Joyce Cooper '14
Winsor Copeland '65
L. Charlene Cosman '76
Carol C. Cronheim '86
Flannery Cunningham '13
Bernard J. D'Avella, Jr., Esq. '66 P97
Dr. Juliet Lushbough Dee '74 P10
George T. Dewey, III '63
Judge Alexandra DiPentima '75
Arturo Dominguez '00
Brian C. Donegan '67
Thomas R. Donnelly, Jr. '61
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Drage g17
Steven Duback '66
Ramsey El-Fakir P15
Betina Evancha '11
Sean Foley '89
Salvatore A. Friscia P15 P19
Patrick & Susan Gardner P20
Lucky & Kari Jenson Gold P17
Jocelyn Goldberg-Schaible '74
Dr. Karn W. Griffen '57
Frederick Hall '09
Christina A. Harcar '90
Kathleen McCabe Haskell '79
Rev. Mark A. Haverland '68
David Hemler P20
Jonathan D. Herbach '01
David and Kristi Hess P18
Frederick W. Hilles '60 P88
Dr. Nancy B. Hingston & Jovi Tenev P19
Dana W. Hoffman '12
Changling Huang P20
Carolyn & David Jeppsen P18
Charles & Daphne Jones P18
Jody Fowler Jonsson '85 P18
Lisa Ellen Kemp Hartmann '06 S05
Dr. David E. Keyes '78 P12
Maya & Zaafir Kherani '08 S10
Frank & Margaret Klapperich '56
Beth Kunkle P18
Mary & Jeff Kushan P20
Gregg Lange '70
Karen Benson Larson '85
Leslie & Jill Latham P20
John D. Leonard '67
Felice Visceglia Li '75 P17
Yifan Li '14
Joshua D. Libresco '76 P17 P19
Dr. Eric K. Lin '91
Alex Macievich '97 S97
Mayra N. W. Makepeace P20
Laura Lewis Mandeles '77
Arthur Mead Martin '63
Ryan W. McCarty '14
Dr. Lelan D. McReynolds '61
Mr. Dean N. Menegas '83
Mari A. Mine-Rutka '79 S79
Bill Mitchell '66 P99
Roger V. Moseley, MD '55
Mark Muenchow '76
Alfred Muller '62
Michael & Elizabeth Mulshine P16
Lisa Nakama '95
Sheila Newton Akiyama '76
Robert Nicholson '63
Aryeh L. Nussbaum Cohen '15
Lis & John Ormsbee P20
Leslie Vial Owsley '74
Charles M. Patton '72
Jennifer S. Paulson '00
Lynn Perry '73
Murray S. Peyton, Ed.D. '57 P86 h07
Dr. Elizabeth Peters '77
Abigail Peterson '97 S97 and Alex Macievich '97 S97
Murray S. Peyton Ed.D. '57 P86 h07
Allene Russell Pierson '81 S78
Peter S. Plumb '65 P95
Ray F. Purdy '55 P92
Liqun Qi P20
E. Vivian Qu '14
Siva Rajasekar P18
Warren Rieutort-Louis Ph.D. '15
Ronald N. Riner '71
Halsey Rogers '86 P20
Carl J. Rosenberg '65 P03
Paul Rosengren '74
Christopher A. Ross '85
Dr. Roger G. Ruckert '77
Mari A. Mine-Rutka '79 S79
Louis F. Ryan '69
Drs. Charles & Pamela Scalise '72
Edmund D. Schoeffler, MD '82
William B. Schreiber P20
Sara Shaw '10
F. Sheppard Shanley '64
Jane Shidler '96
Max V. Staller and Ashley Wolf '08
Carolyn & Eric Stein P21
Dr. Warren A. Stringer '76
Emily M. Sung '11
Mr. James G. Tausche '80
Tanyaradzwa Tawenga '14
John E. Timberlake, III '51
Mr. Lex Tsaggaris '70
Patricia Simcoe Udomprasert, PhD '97 S97
Holly Louise Vaughan W67
Paul von Autenried '16
Emily Walling '99
Matthew A. Walsh '12
Steven E. Weinberger, M.D. '69
John Whelchel '15
Stewart M. Wolff, M.D. '46 P83
Bobson Wong '93
Michelle Wu '14
Lillian Xu '16
Yu-Chen Zhang and Ju Zhao P19