Glee Club Fund 18/19

Our 2018-19 Glee Club FunD

For our 18-19 Glee Club Presents series, the Glee Club welcomed the three most renowned bassi profundi (or Oktavists, as they are known in Russian repertoire) in the world to Princeton - Vladimir MillerAdrian Peacock and Glenn Miller- to perform a concert of Russian music in a project entitled ‘Out of the Deep'. On March 5th, we enjoyed a return visit by the Leipzig ensemble Calmus, who performed the very first Glee Club Presents concert back in 2013.

Thanks to our generous donors, these events gave the Glee Club members the opportunity to

  • be exposed to new repertoire, performed to a world-class standard

  • gain insight into new musical cultures and styles

  • draw on these exceptional experiences to add luster to our own choral work


Our first Glee Club Presents concert of the year was one of our most far-reaching performances ever, as Richardson Auditorium was completely sold out days in advance, and people from all over the world were watching the livestream. We could not be more grateful to our generous donors for making it possible, or more excited for our next Glee Club Presents concert with Calmus in the spring. Please enjoy the photos and playlist of videos below!


For our second ‘Glee Club Presents’ concert of the season, the Glee Club welcomed the amazing ensemble from Leipzig - CALMUS - who sang the very first Glee Club Presents concert exactly five years ago!

This concert featured a juxtaposition of early and modern, with works by Palestrina, Brumel and Schütz interspersed with the unmistakable sound of John Tavener. Our own students joined Calmus to perform movements from Antoine Brumel’s incredible ‘Earthquake Mass’ (enjoy the ravishing 12-part sound of this piece here!) and we are all bubbling over with excitement at the prospect of sharing the results of this collaboration with our audience. Enjoy the photos below, all taken by Yao-Wen Yeh. Videos coming soon!