Artistic excellence through tradition and innovation

We are Princeton University’s oldest choral ensemble and are devoted to promoting the joy of singing.

We treasure the traditions of the Glee Club, and our alumni who worked hard to establish them.

We are committed to innovation and growth, to challenge our members to become better artists, and to enrich their experience in the Glee Club.

We cultivate teamwork, leadership, creativity, and friendship - to support our members for the rest of their lives no matter what career path the choose.


We aspire

  • to raise the profile of Princeton University in the arts community and to make the Glee Club a leader among collegiate choral ensembles.
  • to foster a global choral community in the service of Princeton and its values, united in its diversity by a shared belief in the transforming power of music.
  • to promote singing at Princeton through educational initiatives, collaborative ventures, and by supporting the work of smaller vocal groups.
  • to bring world class teachers and collaborators to work with our members and foster their musical growth.
  • to recruit talented and ambitious singers to Princeton, and to the Glee Club.