Officers 2018

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Cat Sweeney '20

Rosamond (Ro) van Wingerden '20

Concert Manager:  
Meredith Hooper '20 is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, hopefully with certificates in Musical Performance and Materials Science. In addition to singing in the Glee Club, she loves to play her cello in Sinfonia. She has a lifelong goal of being able to sing while accompanying herself on the cello, which is rather more difficult than it sounds.

Alumni Liaison:
Joanna Shang '21 hails from the land down under where cars drive on the left side of the road and people use the metric system instead of body parts to measure length. She is a prospective philosophy major who finds herself taking too many comparative literature classes instead (hmmmm...) When she is not busy navigating the intricacies of feet, miles, and pounds, Joanna enjoys eating and sleeping, and the occasional socializing. Oh, and by the way, she sings alto II in Glee, Chamber, and Chapel.

Tour Manager:
Colton Casto '21

Publicity Chairs: 
Zoe Kahana '21 is a freshman from Dallas-is Texas looking to major in Computer Science. When she is not singing with the Glee Club or Chamber Choir, Zoe can be found at Code@Night workshops, rewatching Arrested Development for the 10th time, or complaining about the lack of sweet tea up north.

Gus Binnie '21

Social Chairs:
Allison Spann '20

Kevin S. Williams '21


Danny Pinto '20

Maddy Kushan '20