Officers 2018

Cat Sweeney '20 is a sophomore from Long Island, New York majoring in sociology with possible certificates in musical performance and music theater. On Campus, she is apart of the Chamber Choir, Decem, and vice president of the Girl Up Club which advocates for education in developing countries. She is very passionate about music outreach and has worked in arts education departments for Opera America, the Cultural Center of the Philippines and will be working for the Bayimba Cultural Foundation in Uganda this summer. When she is not singing, she can be found sleeping, binge watching netflix, or listening to classic rock.


Rosamond (Ro) van Wingerden '20  is a sophomore studying comparative literature (mostly Greek) and music (mostly opera). Originally from Amstelveen, the Netherlands, she now lives in the Woolworth lobby. When she’s not singing with Glee, Chamber Choir, or Contrapunctus, she enjoys playing viola with Early Music Princeton, singing/conducting with the Trego Singers (aka Treegz), and conducting for the Princeton Opera Company. Outside of rehearsal, she can usually be found procrastinating, mostly by drinking coffee and making Maria Callas playlists.


Concert Manager
Meredith Hooper '20 is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, hopefully with certificates in Musical Performance and Materials Science. In addition to singing in the Glee Club, she loves to play her cello in Sinfonia. She has a lifelong goal of being able to sing while accompanying herself on the cello, which is rather more difficult than it sounds.



Alumni Liaison
Joanna Zhang '21 hails from the land down under where cars drive on the left side of the road and people use the metric system instead of body parts to measure length. She is a prospective philosophy major who finds herself taking too many comparative literature classes instead (hmmmm...) When she is not busy navigating the intricacies of feet, miles, and pounds, Joanna enjoys eating and sleeping, and the occasional socializing. Oh, and by the way, she sings alto II in Glee, Chamber, and Chapel.




Tour Manager
Colton Casto '21 is a first-year from Wilmington, NC planning to major in Neuroscience on the premed track. When he is not in Glee or hangin’ with other gleeple (“glee-people”), Colton likes to do research on brains, talk to pre-frosh, and commiserate with Zoe Kahana ’21 (see below) about the lack of sweet tea up north.




Publicity Chairs
Zoe Kahana '21 is a freshman from Dallas, Texas looking to major in Computer Science. When she is not singing with the Glee Club or Chamber Choir, Zoe can be found at Code@Night workshops, rewatching Arrested Development for the 10th time, or complaining about the lack of sweet tea up north.


Fergus (Gus) Binnie '21  is A.B. and would like to remain that way. His interests include american studies, balloons, economics, cotton candy, drama, and bicycles. In addition to Glee, Gus is a member of the Tigertones, an all male a cappella group where he sings baritone. In Glee he sings Bass One. “[He] is a tenor” –Ron Cappon. During the day, Gus can be found in the dining halls. At night, he can be found in the dining halls. He’s looking forward to sophomore year and PWSL. (Post writing sem life)



Social Chairs
Allison Spann '20 is pursuing a concentration in Music and certificates in Vocal Performance, Theater, Music Theater, and Cognitive Science. Outside of Glee, Allison loves playing elsewhere on campus, whether in the jazz or theater programs, or with friends in practice rooms. She is occasionally spotted outside Woolworth/the new LCA/terrace, but this is rare. She's sorry she's late to everything. She honestly doesn't mean it.

Kevin Williams '21,  better known as kevinswilliams2021, is a sophomore co-Social Chair of the Princeton University Glee Club. Aside from singing in Glee, his passions include singing in the Princeton Nassoons, Princeton’s oldest acapella group, long walks on the beach, playing club soccer, getting way too excited about everything, and rigging elections to become one of our officers. Kevin plans to study something interesting eventually but has no idea what that will be (but he’s got time mom chill). 



Mariana Corichi Gómez '21 is a first-year prospective music major from Mexico City. Outside of Glee Club and Chamber Choir, she assistant conducts in Trego (thanks Steph), plays flute in Camerata, pretends she’s on the debate panel, and jams out to love on top with her roommates and nenes (they know who they are).


Danny Pinto '20 is a Tenor 1 from the San Francisco Bay Area. Outside of Glee Club and Chamber Choir, he sings with the Princeton University Nassoons. His interests include Chile, chillin’, chili, and having a good cry every so often. He enjoys swinging on swings and he spends his time learning German – so far, all he knows how to say is “schnitzel” but he’s working on “hefeweizen.”  A descendant of Edgar Allen Poe, Danny often receives "ravin’" reviews for his luscious locks.



Maddy Kushan '20 prides herself on being Steph Tubiolo's #1 fan and personal assistant. When she's not singing in Glee, Chamber, CXIV, Chapel Choir, or Decem, she's probably snap chatting while listening to choral music, sight-reading in staircases, and eating açaí bowls . She can also be occasionally spotted in PNI as a recently declared Neuroscience major, or trying to get people to go for runs with her. (Follow her golden retriever on insta @obipuppywankenobi)