Officers 2017


Caroline Jones '18 is an alto from Princeton, New Jersey, and is majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School with certificates in Latin American studies and the History and Practice of Diplomacy. She was previously the Concert Manager for Glee Club. She is also a figure skater, and has a deep love (ok, addiction) to all things coffee-related.


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Vice Presidents: 
Sarah Baber '18 is a soprano from Virginia who enjoys cheeky puns and a good Petrarchan sonnet. When she is not singing with the Glee Club or Chamber Choir, Sarah may be found harmonizing with the radio and navigating around the boba in her bubble tea.



Helena Hingston Tenev '19 has sung as a soprano with the Princeton Glee Club for two and a half years and eagerly anticipates serving the choir in a more behind-the-scenes role. Helena hails from the bustling metropolis that is Princeton Junction, New Jersey, and hopes, at some point soon, to choose either mathematics or music as her concentration, and pursue a certificate in applied mathematics or vocal performance. Helena also sings with the Chamber Choir and the Choir of Trinity Church, Princeton, and enjoys most everything that can be described as glittery or sparkly.

Meredith Hooper '20 is a freshman looking to major in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a certificate in Musical Performance. In addition to singing in the Glee Club, she loves to play her cello in Sinfonia. Meredith is so excited to be more involved in Glee and interact with all the new members both this semester and next!


Cat Sweeney ’20 is a prospective Woodrow Wilson School major from Long Island, New York. (pronounced: long-guy-land) Here at Princeton, she resides in the incredibly glamorous forth floor of Annex in Forbes and gets her exercise solely from its four flight trek everyday. When she is not making cat puns about her name, she is probably listening to opera, watching The Office(US), or trying to decide what do do with her life. 


Concert Manager:  
Gloria Yin '18 is a junior hailing from London, UK, majoring in mathematics and and pursuing certificates in Musical Performance and Computer Science. When she is not doing math(s), practicing piano, conducting or singing, she is doing... well, not much else, really. Her second home (aside from across the pond) is the Woolworth lobby. 


Alumni Liaison:
Rosamond (Ro) van Wingerden '20 is a freshman from Amstelveen, The Netherlands, thinking of majoring in Comparative Literature (or maybe chemistry or music or classics…too many choices). She loves singing Alto II in Glee, Alto I in the student ensemble Contrapunctus XIV, and Soprano II in Chamber Choir and the all-female contemporary a cappella group the Tigressions. She's looking forward to meeting alumni and coordinating reunions this year.

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Tour Manager:
Contrary to popular belief, Emma Watkins '18 did not play Hermione in the Harry Potter films (or, for that matter, Belle in the new Beauty and the Beast.)  That said, she could probably still recite the Chamber of Secrets movie by heart, and she drinks at least four mugs of tea a day to keep in touch with her Welsh roots.  Outside of Glee, Emma is an English major with certificates in Theatre, Musical Theatre and Environmental Studies.  She loves participating in theatrical productions around campus and is a Peer Academic Adviser for Mathey College.


Publicity Chairs: 
Paige Kunkle '18 is from Princeton, NJ and is majoring in physics with a certificate in engineering physics. She is looking forward to publicizing the Glee Club and all of its wonderful members this year through the magic of social media and gifs!

Shruthi Rajasekar '18 is a music major from Minnesota. She has had the honor of serving PUGC as its treasurer and archivist in past years.

Social Chairs:
Danny Pinto '20 is a Tenor 1 from San Mateo, California with an ever-changing list of potential majors and certificates, none of which are particularly employable. He also sings Tenor 1 for the Nassoons and for his roommates, often late into the night. In his free time, he enjoys talking about coffeemaking equipment, redwood trees, and how great last semester's Glee repertoire was.


Allison Spann '20 is a first-year student interested in studying Music, Theatre, French, and Environmental Studies. When she's not singing with Glee Club or the University Jazz Ensemble or getting involved in theatre, she enjoys pretending to be a member of the Princeton Nassoons.  She also enjoys doing outside things and enjoys tea more than the average person probably.


Eli Berman '20 is a prospective Music major from Pittsburgh, PA who enjoys composing in addition to making sounds with their voice. They're excited to continue Glee Club's recent lineage of composer-archivists.


Webmaster: This year's webmaster, Anna Dong '20, is an Engineering student from New Zealand. Her favorite pastimes are swimming and listening to The Flight of the Conchords to refresh her "fintestic kiwi aksint".