William Trego Singers

The William Trego Singers

Stephanie Tubiolo, director

The name of Bill Trego is revered by generations of music lovers. As Director of Choirs at Princeton High School, he produced the most adventurous and celebrated school program in the entire nation, leading adolescent children to discover the greatest works of choral music - even the largest oratorios - and setting them on a path of lifelong fulfillment in music. As Director of the Freshmen Singers at Princeton University, and for a brief spell, as Director of the Glee Club, he brought this same spirit - this joyful yet relentless pursuit of musical excellence - to our choirs at Princeton.

In 2013, the Glee Club was proud to host a reunion of Glee Clubbers from the early 1970s, all of whom still treasure the years they spent with him, and we witnessed the extraordinarily moving sight of Mr Trego, from his retirement home in Massachusetts, being reintroduced to 24 of his former students by Skype. Now we have decided to honor his legacy at Princeton, and in particular his great gift for training young singers and instilling in them an understanding of, and love for great music, by instigating a new choir for future Glee Clubbers - The William Trego Singers.

The choir will team up with the Glee Club several times during the season. May Bill's great musical spirit infuse this new generation of singers as it did for so many generations past.