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THROWBACK: Stravinsky at Princeton... 50 years ago!

"I am greatly relieved by your assurance that I will not be prodded or hurried for I can only work in my own tempo and under my own pressures." - Igor Stravinsky, 1964

In this letter dated October 26, 1964 Stravinsky indicates a preliminary interest in Mr. Seeger's commission. 

In this note from November 9, 1964 Stravinsky expresses his assent to the conditions of the agreement.

The letter sent on February 22, 1965 is a positive commitment to the project of composing a Requiem. 

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Stravinsky’s stay at Princeton. To commemorate the legendary composer’s relationship with the University, we turn to the annals of Princeton’s history. A record of various correspondences, regarding Stravinsky’s commission and the nature of the developing composition, reveals an eager composer and an enthusiastic University. In a November 9, 1964 reply to Stanley J Seeger, a Princeton alum, Stravinsky wrote, “I am greatly relieved by your assurance that I will not be prodded or hurried for I can only work in my own tempo and under my own pressures.” 

Just two years later, Requiem Canticles was given its world premiere right here in McCarter Theatre. The October 8, 1966 program featured works performed in memory of Claude Debussy and Aldous Huxley, both of whom Stravinsky knew well. In attendance were contemporary composer, Aaron Copland, and theoretical physicist, J. Robert Oppenheimer. To recreate the beginning of the 1966 concert, we will open Sunday’s performance with Stravinsky’s setting of Pater Noster. 

Richardson Auditorium
Alexander Hall
Sunday, December 11 | 3:00PM
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Portrait of Igor Stravinsky  by Arnold Newman, Princeton University 1966

Throwback: The B Minor Mass... 47 years later!

37 days till the Glee Club performs the Bach B Minor Mass... again! Alumni of PUGC: what's your favorite memory of performing this incredible work? #ThrowbackThursday #April17th #2016

Throwback: Glee Club in 18??

To kick off the season of weekly archival postings, here is an image of the Princeton Glee Club in its early years! However, we are unsure about the exact date. Members used to pair their voices with banjo and classical guitar.
Does anyone know what the man in the front is holding? When this is from? 

All of the archive postings are found in the Mudd Manuscript Library.

Throwback: Verdi's Requiem, conducted by Trego

In light of our upcoming Verdi Requiem Concert on April 24 and 25 with the Trego Singers, it only seems right to bring up this article from 21 years ago with the name of the director of Glee Club then, William Trego, in its title. What fun memories do Glee alums have of Trego himself?


Throwback Thursday! As we start rehearsing in Richardson for our upcoming Verdi Requiem concert, here is an old photo from the Mudd Mansucript Library of a rehearsal in the Richardson Auditorium. William Trego is at it again, directing the Glee Club. Can anyone identify himself? There’s a portative organ and a harp on stage - can anyone guess the repertoire?


Princeton University Holiday Concert at Madison Square Garden in 1967!

As we approach the Holiday Concert this Sunday, we thought we would share this piece of Glee Club history. See page 4 of this edition of the Daily Prince from 1967 about the Glee Club singing in the first annual Holiday Festival to open the new, 5,000 seat Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden. Were you here? Did this happen? Comment to confirm or deny!

Read the article below or download the pdf!