Glee Club Fund

The Glee Club Fund

For 140 years, the Princeton University Glee Club has served as the musical voice of Princeton, combining a high level of musical excellence with a spirit of inclusivity. Thanks to the generations of Glee Clubbers who have gone before us, this campus has become a place where students love to sing together, and love to perform for the enrichment of their community.

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The Glee Club is very fortunate to receive funding from the University as well as from the Nollner, Buck, and Eckstein-Higgins endowments – which together cover the choir’s basic operating and touring costs.

The Glee Club Fund, established in 2014, enables us to broaden the reach of our choral program far beyond the scope of what is ‘normal’ for a university choir. Our Glee Club Presents concert series, fully supported by the Glee Club Fund, brings world-class artists to campus to sing for and with our students, to workshop their compositions, and to expose the student body and the wider Princeton community to repertoire they may not have ever heard live, in its most authentic and polished form. With two Glee Club Presents events each academic year, a student who sings with PUGC for the entirety of their undergraduate education will experience not one, but eight once-in-a-lifetime artistic collaborations. In addition to funding this concert series, generous donations to the Glee Club Fund have allowed us to vastly expand our choral program, creating more places for more students to sing, regardless of their experience level. This expansion includes the establishment of the Trenton Youth Singers, a new youth choir that predominantly serves middle school students in Trenton Public Schools.

In its first five years, the Glee Club Fund had a tremendous impact on our program and our students due to the generous support of alumni, parents and friends. If you would like to get involved, your contribution would impact:

  • our mission to inspire artistry, kinship, and a love for great music among Princeton students

  • our traditions which are cherished by generations of Princeton alumni, friends and parents

  • our innovation through our choral concert series in Princeton - 'The Glee Club Presents'

  • our students as they become exposed to a world of new repertoire, choral techniques and musical cultures