Fall Auditions


If you love to sing, you are among friends at Princeton. Students come together in groups large and small, formal and informal, to make vocal music together as often as time allows, and on every corner of campus. There are student led a cappella groups (more than a dozen, actually!) early music ensembles, an opera company, countless music theater productions, two excellent local church choirs and of course the PU Chapel Choir… and here in the music department, at the heart of it all, we have three wonderful choral ensembles – the Trego Singers, the Princeton Chamber Choir, and the Princeton University Glee Club.

Your choral audition is simply to help us place you in the choir(s) that seem to be the best fit based on your previous choral experience, the pace at which you learn music, and your hopes and dreams for your singing life at Princeton. We can’t wait to meet you!

Gabriel Crouch and Stephanie Tubiolo
Director and Associate Director of Choral Activities


What do I need to prepare?

Nothing. Your choral audition will consist of some vocalizing all throughout your range, some aural diagnostics (ear training exercises), and some sightreading of a piece you likely haven’t seen before. You do not need to bring a prepared song, but you may want to warm up a bit beforehand.

I’m eager to fill my plate with singing as soon as possible. How do I audition for both Glee and Chamber Choir?

When you arrive at your audition, you can indicate on your audition form that you would like to be considered for both. After auditionees are placed into Glee and Trego, qualified and interested singers will be asked to attend callbacks for Chamber Choir, which are in the form of a short one-voice-per-part rehearsal. With few exceptions, all first-years and sophomores who want to sing in Chamber Choir must also sing in Glee Club.

Is it possible to get into these choirs as a first-year?

Yes, absolutely. Last fall, we placed over 20 first-years in Glee Club and over 40 in Trego.

I’m a graduate student. Can I still audition?

Yes! We love grad students.

HELP. I can’t sightread to save my life. Should I still audition?

YES. Even if you don’t have prior sightreading experience, we will find a place for you to sing and help you strengthen your sightreading fluency along the way. Please audition!

I circled Glee Club on my audition sheet but was placed into Trego instead. What does that mean?

If you were hoping to sing in Glee Club but were placed in Trego, that might mean you’re a lovely singer but that your musicianship skills have room for improvement, or that your sightreading is not yet fluent enough to keep up with Glee Club’s rehearsal pace and intense performance schedule. There are many opportunities within Trego for challenging small-group singing and ear training in addition to being part of the larger choir, and some singers in your position choose to reaudition for Glee Club at the beginning of sophomore year.

I noticed that Glee Club and Trego rehearsals do not overlap at all. Does that mean I can sing in both?

Yes!! If you would like to sing in both, just let us know on your audition sheet.

Does this audition count for Chapel Choir as well?

No— the wonderful PU Chapel Choir has its own audition process. Learn more here.

I want to sing in choir but can’t make all the rehearsals. Is that ok?

Attendance is a mandatory component of all our choirs. If you have an immovable conflict (academic, athletic, artistic or otherwise), let us know and we can explore our options.

I’m really good at [insert instrument here]. Could I sing in choir and play in PUO(rchestra)?

Though PUO and Glee Club rehearse at the same time, plenty of students are able to both sing and play on campus. Audition for the choral department and orchestral department, see what happens, and then ask us to help you manage the conflict.

Can I sing in Glee Club, Trego, Chapel Choir, a cappella, opera, vocal jazz, musical theater, AND Chamber Choir?

You are welcome to sing as much as you can manage while remaining happy, healthy, and academically afloat. The only choirs that rehearse in direct conflict with each other are Trego and Chapel Choir. Other than that, many students enjoy completely filling their plate with singing, though it will not be expected of you.

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