2014 Tour Blog

A special dinner


We had another special treat awaiting us in Leipzig... a dinner for the whole choir provided by Bill and Judy Scheide, whose warmth and generosity has touched the City of Leipzig almost as much as Princeton University. Judy Scheide heard the Glee Club performing Bach's Magnificat in December, and told us afterwards that she wanted to give the choir something to help us remember our time in the city that Bill loves so much. The venue she chose was the Thuringerhof - a restaurant which has served the city continuously for more than five centuries, and which has seen all the greats of Leipzig eat and drink within its arched halls - Luther, Goethe, Schumann, Wagner, and of course, Bach himself. We had a sumptuous meal, followed by a joyful awards ceremony and the singing of almost all our memorized repertoire, as our fellow diners gathered around to cheer us on. Truly, an unforgettable way to say goodbye to Leipzig!