Director's Blog

Fall Recap

Our academic year starts late at Princeton, but the Glee Club has been in a hurry to get things done in the month and a half. As we start to unwind on the first day of fall break, we can look back on two concerts presented, two packed audiences recruited, a brand new choir started, a new ear training program for future choir members, and our annual fundraising effort, The Glee Club Fund, formally launched. All this in six weeks!

I still can't quite believe the incredible welcome we received at Richardson last Friday night for the first Football Concert of the year (actually I can't believe what happened on Powers Field the day after, but that's for another newsletter). Eleven months ago we were staggered to walk out to a full house of friends, parents and alumni for our Centennial celebration in November 2013, but on Friday you surpassed even that audience. Nothing beats the thrill of walking out to a full and friendly crowd at Richardson, and I'm sure you can imagine what a surge of confidence this brings to our singers - especially those who are representing the Glee Club for the first time. 

And how our singers rose to the occasion. I am so proud of the way that the Glee Club has rebuilt itself after such a huge exodus of wonderful singers in the Class of 2014. The surviving members have stepped up to lead, and new members (and there are over thirty of them) have brought great artistry and energy with them. And our officers, led so ably by Lillian Xu '15, have mentored our new members, galvanized the whole group, and added some wonderfully innovative publicity to the mix. I feel confident in saying this: It's going to be a wonderful year!

We'd love to see you at our future events this year! Please keep a close eye on our calendar so you don't miss our upcoming shows; take a look at our experience page so you can revisit last week's concert, or previous concerts; and please do get behind our newly-launched Glee Club Fund, so that you can help us secure the future of our Glee Club Presents concert series. Our event with the Oxford University Schola Cantorum in September was a sell-out success, and we'd love more of the same when 'Theatre of Voices' come to work with us in February 2015!