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Reflections on tour 2014

Dear Friends,

For someone at my stage of life, with enough years behind me to allow me to have chalked up a few good musical memories and to have met some remarkable musicians, this tour gave me an extraordinary opportunity to reconnect with precious old friends and introduce them to the Glee Club - to the students who are the center of my musical life now. The 'old friends' on this occasion are the phenomenal vocal group 'Calmus' - or to give them their full name, 'Calmus Ensemble Leipzig', who helped us to organize an unforgettable two days in Leipzig and who shared the performing stage with us for our first concert. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride watching Princeton's Glee Clubbers interact with Calmus and perform right alongside them, matching them measure for measure in Bach's most challenging music, in Bach's own church! Better yet, this wonderful group accepted our invitation to come to our campus to perform with us, so we'll be able to present them to a Princeton audience this spring. If you're anywhere near Princeton on Tuesday April 8th, I urge you to get yourself to Trinity Church on Mercer St for a very special collaborative performance of all six Bach motets, presented by the Glee Club and featuring this very special quintet from Leipzig.

Gabriel Crouch