South Africa Tour blog

Day 4: Lions and tigers and.... more lions oh my!

Hi, my name is Paige, and I'll be writing the blog post for today! I'm a sophomore in the glee club, and I'm also the publicity chair. Today was our last day in Pilanesberg before we headed to Cape Town. We woke up at dawn (omg) and drove to the game reserve to go on a morning safari! The weather was beautiful and the animals were out and about- 5 lions crossed right in front of our truck! They were clearly excited to see us tigers. We also saw giraffes, elephants, monkeys, wildebeests, cranes, zebras, impalas, and hippos! (hippopotamuses? hippopotami...? Idk but they were chubby and cute) After the game drive was over, we went back to the hotel, had breakfast, and packed our bags to go to Cape Town! The plane ride was chill because I slept yay.

When we got to Cape Town, we went straight to Table Mountain! Table Mountain is a big mountain with a flat top and beautiful views of the city, but only if it's clear. If there are clouds surrounding the top of the mountain, South Africans say that the "tablecloth" is on. Luckily for us, when we arrived the tablecloth was nowhere in sight, and we got some great glee club pics from the top!

Then we headed back to our hotel (which is beautiful and right on the ocean!!) and were greeted with mango juice! We had a quick glee club meeting, and Gabriel talked to us about our concert tomorrow in St. George's Cathedral (did you know that he performed in the exact same venue when he was our age?!) Glee clubbers had the option to go into town for dinner, or get food from the hotel restaurant (I got pasta yum). We can't wait for our concert tomorrow!