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Closing words

Final performance of Imfundo in South Africa at our last dinner

Final performance of Imfundo in South Africa at our last dinner

This post was written by James Brown-Kinsella, a freshman baritone, who also wrote the post "Day 2: A Roaring Welcome".

It's hard sum up our trip to South Africa without writing a novel along the way, so I'll try to be brief. The theme uniting our journey was a profound sense of awe and wonder. Whether it was amazed reverence at the stunning terrain and the glorious wild animals, or sober respect for South Africa's heavy history and their continuing struggles, each day left me wondering how on earth did things get like this?

Just as we were impressed tourists,we were also impressive on tour. Our three (and a half) concerts each had different audiences, different natures, different strengths, and different weaknesses, but I know we pulled out our best overall sound for this tour; I'm proud of that. I felt a sliver of that spark that got me hooked on music at some time during each of our performances, and the crowd in Holy Cross Anglican Church in Soweto was easily the most fun audience I (and any of us) have ever performed for!

I am very thankful for Princeton and the family of J. Mahlon Buck Jr. ’46, whose generous gift to the Glee Club made this entire trip possible; our tour guides for leading us through a stellar experience of South Africa; all of my glee friends (glriends?) for being the incredible people you are, on- and offstage; and for Gabriel and Renata for helping us be the best singers we could be. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica!