South Africa Tour blog

Finally landed in Johannesburg!

Hello all! My name is Zach Levine, and I'm a junior anthropology major and vice-president of the Glee Club. This post marks the beginning of our travel blog as the Glee Club spends the upcoming week in South Africa - we hope you'll check back daily and follow our travels!

Travel time has occupied the majority of the past day. Soon after we arrived in the Philadelphia airport 24 hours ago, a CBS news crew spotted our large group. They were reporting a story on snowstorm Jonas and wanted to interview the crowd of singing students in matching quarter zips.  We were filmed singing our Zulu piece I'mfundo, and then I was asked to speak with the reporter for the story (read: thankful I got a haircut a few days ago). I was prepared to answer questions about the history of the Glee Club or on our trip itinerary, but was instead peppered with questions about the storm. "Are you nervous about a potential delay?"
"Did they have to move your flight?"
"So are you nervous?"
I was then called out for referring to all the storm talk as "hype." My lack of hysterics most likely led to me being cut from the story. Keep an eye out for the upcoming CBS front pager: "Princeton Student Denies Climate Change: Refers to Storm as 'Hype.'"

Right now as I write this post, we're very close to touchdown in Johannesburg after a 4 hour delay in Atlanta (You win this round, CBS...) followed by a whopping 14 and a half hour flight. Some glee clubbers have passed the time reading, getting to know their seat mate, watching a few movies, or by sleeping for 11 hours straight (hi that would be me). Long flights can be boring, but at least they provide some quiet time to just think and rest, which can be hard to find during the year. I can hardly wait for us to wake up tomorrow to our first full day in Johannesburg.