Spain Tour Blog 2018

Spain Tour Day 6


Our full day in León was a blast! After a substantial breakfast at our beautiful hotel, the entire Glee Club took a tour of the Basilica of San Isidoro and the Catedral of the city. The latter was my favorite church so far, particularly because of its extensive stained glass and numerous chapels along the east end of the building. After the tour, a few of us looked around for lunch; we ultimately decided to go for a three course meal at a reasonable price, which was enjoyed by all.

Although we all wanted to continue exploring León, it did get quite cold all of a sudden, so a few of us returned to the hotel to warm up (I even stole a quick nap in the process). When I had worked up the courage to go back outside, I joined a group headed for churros and chocolate but a friend and I wanted to try out a cool pastelería nearby. We indulged unabashedly until it was time to go to the church for our pre-concert soundcheck, which went very smoothly. The Glee Club then gave what I thought was our finest concert yet to a packed audience.

The day concluded with a filling dinner at a quiet restaurant near the hotel, and we made the short walk back through the snow before calling it a night. León was a real treat, and I’m looking forward to continuing on to Santiago de Compostela!

- Chris Howard '20

Images courtesy of Brooke Phillips '19 and Anna Dong '20