Spain Tour Blog 2018

Spain Tour Day 2


Oops. I mean hola!
Today was the first full day of PUGC’s venture into northern Spain. Our initial victory came in a beautiful chapel where we anchored ourselves to the Lord and began our pilgrimage to Santiago. The spirit our music brought, along with the beaming faces of the locals made subpar airline food and a lack of working blow dryers, absolutely worth it.

Enough cannot be said about the kindness and warmth that the Spanish people have shown us.  As many of us are non-Spanish speakers, the locals have proven themselves very adept in playing charades with us. Other than the concert, the Guggenheim museum was the highlight of the day.  The museum itself is a stunning work of art. Flowing walls open up to magnificent windows while a giant puppy made up of flowers protects the site from any intruding 30 ft squirrels. Inside the museum is a fascinating cornucopia of both the thought-provoking and the “I feel like I could have made that myself”.  All in all, today was superb for the PUGC. 

- Billy Wade '21

Images courtesy of Billy Wade '21 and Brooke Phillips '19